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The Colors of Nature project is developing a series of kits that explore the art and science of nature’s colors.  The kits will be distributed to school curriculum libraries, museums, science centers, and public libraries for use in programs.  We will be offering associated professional development to educators in institutions that adopt the kits.  While we can only provide fully equipped kits to project partners, our lesson plans are freely available at the links below.

KIT 1 

Science and Art Core Practices

How do art and science help us understand the world around us?

This kit is designed to help students explore the core question: how do art and science help us understand the world around us? Through a series of investigations, students will become familiar with the core practices of art and science, and develop scientific and artistic habits of mind that empower them to engage in self-directed inquiry through the generation and evaluation of ideas. 

Investigation 1  Suminagashi

Investigation 2  Observational Drawing

Investigation 3  Drawing with Tools

Click here to download the PDF of Kit 1 (1MB, 24 pages)

Kit 1 Resources


Chemistry and Art

How does the chemistry of color help us understand the material world around us?

Investigation 1  Chromatography

Investigation 2  Cabbage Chemistry

Investigation 3  Cyanotypes

Click here to download the PDF of Kit 2 (3MB, 31 pages)

Kit 2 Resources



Biology and Art

How does color help us understand the living world around us?

Investigation 1   Adaptive Coloration: Camouflage

Investigation 2   Adaptive Coloration: UV Signals

Investigation 3  Communicating the Invisible: Stop Motion Animation

Click here to download the PDF of Kit (5MB, 20 pages)

Kit 3 Resources


KIT 4: Optics and Art

What is color?

Kit 4 (Optics and Art) is currently in development and will be available Summer 2017.

Kit 4 Resources